Toxin Within

Problems upon problems and all I can do is hold it in.

I can’t express these woes; I thought I had thicker skin.

Desolate soul, land of the barren.

Party of one; is it completion I’m yearning?

I’ll keep holding on, though, with my high tolerance for patience.

They ask me what’s wrong, but I don’t have the energy.

My tears are forcing themselves out, I hope they don’t see.

To tell you what’s wrong is not as easy as it seems,

I can’t bring about world peace or define gravity.

Caring is enough, don’t worry about me

To escape for a moment, though,

Let’s see where it goes

So light-headed

I can’t even talk

or type a legible sentence,

maybe I’m not feeling anything.

Floating on my seat

tactile system on hold

body high on toxin.

Is it worth it?

But I’m feeling good,

because good feels like nothing.

Problems on hold,

even if for a moment.

Sensory system back

to homeostasis now.

What is all this noise


To escape from the now

and why and what and how.

To be engulfed in flames

and forget your own name.

Do you ever feel the same?

I make my own sins.

Problems upon problems, this is me not holding it in.


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