Forgotten Fear

Love songs of the departed

or recently apart-ed from,

I’d rather write about my fear of soon being forgotten.

Born to die, less and less we question why and how we’re here.

Victims of simple ignorance, bliss is nice when you’re right near.

But I’m a realist, a logical thinker of this complicated world.

Nothing is simple, if it were there would not be the absurd.

Strange is normal when you acknowledge all to be true,

one step towards the front door and another for a cure

from this thing called limits. The only restrictions are the ones you submit to.

I won’t be a prisoner of my own mind; I see the truth in all that I do.

Right and wrong are words that misconstrue our perception.

Humanity is not that simple, we must see between dimensions

of our minds. Look within yourself, if you and I switched places maybe then could you understand.

I only seek to know truth. When you give yourself to truth can life’s perspective come into place.

Many faces, but yours is the one my mind can never replace.

Will you remember me when I’m long gone, with no physical trace?

I daydream of my thoughts and ideas being passed on for generations;

every human deserves to speak up regardless of their nation.

In the end, does it matter where you were born or die?

No, only the mark you leave behind, will your whole nation cry?

So many influential people to have inhabited our world, is there a decline?

Am I naïve to believe I can change the future of our times?

If I could speak to one person’s mind, that would be most honorable of a win.

I can then die peacefully, knowing I won’t be forgotten.


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