Falling Away From Me

Combustion in my stomach

being lost in my own mind.

Falling through a dark tunnel,

no bright ray in pure daylight.

Negativity overtaking the depths of my being

…letting go of my ambition

…losing the essence of who I am

…always finding someone or something to blame.

Nightmares instead of dreams

of monsters, unable to scream.

The darkness eating at my soul

I try to kick, but I’m losing control.

Falling with nothing to hold onto

…nothing but fire engulfing me

…abundant flames, I can’t see

…this isn’t who I want to be.

I want to leave, someone untie my chains, set me free.

I miss carefree days and exciting nights.

The adventure of meeting new people, and a tropical breeze.

Cease the moment they say, but how can I with fallen dreams?

The voices are calling

From the depths of abyss

I keep falling





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