Pangaea’s Rant

Pacifist of a nation with no limits

You say you don’t like war but can you live with it?

Knowing that who run you send our people to a no-return summit

Yes, they return, but mentally drained in and of this government

The people with minds far beyond feasible comprehension

Neglected because their vision of a peaceful future is too radical to possibly function

Say the people who care more about how much is in their pockets than our constitution

Nothing is working in our nation, increased migration because of this inflation

Emphasis on dietary health while our mental health is in decline

“Oh, you’re not depressed dear, you’ll be fine”

A society of children whose parents are blind

To the fact we shouldn’t stand separated, but aligned

Only together can we find a solution for this pollution invading our brains

No one caring about debating if the statistics they’re feeding us is misconstrued, who cares

So many people dying in Syria for speaking their minds, then by the government slain

So many children in Africa orphaned because their parents are still dying of AIDS because the world profits more from bought medication than vindication as to how a virus can spread

Lebanese refugee camps trying to flourish but no child is nourished when education comes second to survival. It’s primeval.

But “Go Green” you say, at least we can save our environment. While you sip on that Spiced Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks, ignorant to the fact the carton in between your hands is made from that organism that gives you the air you breathe. Yeah, trees, dumbass.

The injustices and feigned tolerance for life has left me irate

I may seem mellow and “chill” but that’s because I can’t hate

on why they do what they do, as a psychologist you’re taught to understand the antecedent of a person’s behavior. It’s in our nature.

See, we’re trying to save the trees, but recycling is their way of shutting us up so we think we’re doing something productive

Deforestation is in incline so that you can stand in line at Macy’s and buy the new Michael Kors perfume and symbolically sign you’re doing fine in this economy. But you’re not. With a higher education you can’t even find a decent job. You’re behind on rent, credit card bills are in excess, and you still haven’t finished paying off your student debts.

See, you’ve fallen victim to this endless system. Isn’t it so easy to blame the government? But how can we blame the government when the government are all individuals. Individuals who take the torch from their predecessors. Ask your professors, this has been going on since humans first thrived. At the end of the day, we’re animals who need to survive. But we’ve evolved. We are supposedly more conscious and aware than ever before. If it’s true, then can we not shut the door on a more peaceful world? I want to believe we have the capacity to end unhappiness drastically on this entire planet, see, I want a president who fights for what’s right and not for what the next country over or the next door neighbor will say. What do you say? Can you say what’s on your mind next time a friend asks you what’s up? Chances are, if you do, they probably feel the same way. And if at least more than one person feels a certain way, isn’t it worth acknowledgment and consent from the government to go through with monumental change? Man, I’m drained. 


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